Sisters Tajwīd & Fiqh Class

💗 Sisters Tajwīd & Fiqh Class 💗

💎 Join our 8-week programme on Tajwīd & Fiqh, and learn more about Islam with a qualified teacher in the comfortable environment of a masjid

📕 Participants receive folders, notebooks and resources to guide them on their journey!

☕️ Refreshments included in every session

‼️Don't miss this opportunity to get closer to Islam and build a friendship with like-minded women!

🗓️ Every Sunday, from 9th June

📍Cann Hall Masjid, Sisters Halls

👉 Only 10 spaces available!

💰 £45 per month OR £70 for the full 8 weeks!

Register now by emailing

Early Years Maktab

We are now taking registrations for our new Pre Maktab Class for children aged 2-5 years old!

This early years class is being set up to introduce children to the Masjid environment and to prepare them with the basic knowledge required later on to progress on to Quran studies. Our aim is to provide a fun, friendly introduction to the Masjid with Basic Duas and Arabic Letters.

The class will be run by experienced staff members who are enhanced DBS cleared and have come from a state education background. We will also have teachers from our Maktab classes preparing the basic study materials for our playgroup. There will be no expectation from the students to actively learn what is taught in the playgroup, however, we would encourage parents to do so to take full advantage of this service.

Although we are a non-profit organisation we do need to charge nominal fees to cover the running costs of this service such as games, fruits and refreshments. See further details below:

Day:  Every Saturday
Timing: 10am-11:30am
Fee: £7.50 per serssion
Age: 2-5 years old only

Note: In order to qualify for a place, your child must be able to use the toilets with minimal aid, we cannot accept anyone if they are using nappies.

To register your interest please fill out this form

Children's Tuition

We are now taking registrations for Tuition classes for children aged 7-18.

Subjects covered are Maths, English and Science. This includes preparation for SATs, GCSE and A-Level exams.

Group Fees - £10 per hour
1-2-1 Fees - £20 per hour

Sessions will run every Saturday 12-4pm , starting January 2023.

To register please fill out this form

If you are interested in joining us as a tutor then please apply here.

Children's Maktab

The long-established Maktab at Cann Hall is one of the first, and most important, services offered to the community. We aim to provide a quality Islamic education for our children in a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Whilst maintaining an Islamic environment, the Maktab will teach the children to read the Qur’an correctly and with Tajweed and perform their prayers and other religious duties. They will also learn Fiqh, Aqeedah and history according to their age and level of understanding.

For the sake of our future generation, we urge all parents to make sure their children are enrolled and regularly attend, a good Maktab. To learn more about the aims of our Maktab and the importance of Islamic education read here.

Our classes run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5.00pm – 7.15pm.

For further details on enrolling your child please get in touch.

Hadith Class

Join our free weekly Hadith class with Shaykh Mujahid Ali who takes us on a journey through Imam Nawawi's collection of ahadith in Riyaad-us-Saliheen.

Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Cann Hall Masjid

We look forward to seeing you!

Tafseer Class

Join our free weekly Tafseer classes with Shaykh Mujahid Ali

Day: Every Friday
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Cann Hall Masjid

We look forward to seeing you!

Hifdh Class

Our Hifdh school gives students the opportunity to memorise the Holy Quran.

Students will be subject to an intensive mode of study which will focus on the completion of full memorisation of the Quran. We will also ensure students receive a well-rounded Islamic studies education.

Days: Monday-Friday
Timing: 5-8pm

For further details on enrolling your child please get in touch.