Our Story

The journey began with the Muslim residents of Cann Hall ward in Leytonstone. A sizeable community who desired a Mosque within walking distance gave way to a motivation to secure a suitable premise. In the summer of 2010, the Colgrave Arms was put up for sale. A group of professionals came together to purchase the property. Cann Hall Deen and Education Trust was formed to serve the spiritual needs of the Muslim community to facilitate regular congregational prayer and Islamic education.

Today The Trust offers a range of services, engaging the wider community, being at the forefront of all community initiatives; the Trust regularly provide hot meals to vulnerable people living on the street, has established a Food Bank to redistribute staple food products to those struggling to feed their families. We offer a safe space for our youth to come together, participate in games and other leisurely activities. The Trust promotes annual spring clean events, family fundays, summer fete.

History of Cann Hall

The building continues to serve the general public in many ways, the premises remain open and accessible to of our local residents and in line with our proposal, effort had been made over the years to restore and renovate building keeping the design true to its former glory but making use of contemporary materials whilst mindful of energy saving initiatives and environmental impact.

Throughout the pandemic, the Mosque was utilised as a Covid Vaccination Centre. Our volunteers help set up a Covid Response Unit to assist residents with their shopping need and the delivery of medical supplies. The Mosque had offered moral support and bereavement services to affected families.

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Our vision is to be proactive in bringing people together to serve the community in which we live, endorsing good and working in partnership with the wider community towards the prosperity of our neighbourhood.

Our Mission

The primary objective was to establish a mosque that offered more than a just place for congregational prayer. In addition to serving this vital function, our objective from the onset had been focused around three key areas:



Traditionally the mosque acted as the vital hub of the Muslim community. An institution which had the ability to motivate and mobilise the everyone towards doing good and to promote positive change. Since opening, Cann Hall Mosque has become the heart of our community and throughout its existence has demonstrated the capacity to benefit the wider community and not just the Muslims it aimed to serve.



Our Trust recognises some of the issues faced by our community, we have sought to work with various stakeholders of our society in tackling problems related to education, drugs, crimes, violence, domestic abuse and antisocial behaviour. As we grow our commitment towards community development remains unhindered.



Cann Hall Mosque is a centre for promoting awareness, social justice and unity for the benefit of everyone in our community. This can be seen from our various commitments that seek to engage the wider community.