Daily Salah

We offer daily congregational prayers, including Jumuah and Eid with space for up to 600 people split over two levels, including three wudu areas and a dedicated prayer hall for women.

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Nikah Ceremony

We are able to facilitate marriage solemnisation according to Islamic traditions and laws. The couple will be presented with a marriage certificate confirming their union conducted by our Imam.

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Become a Muslim

We can help take your shahadah, the declaration of faith to become a Muslim. We can also assist you with any questions you have, or if you just want to learn more about Islam.

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Janazah Service

We ease the burden of bereavement by taking care of the funeral process for Muslims. The process includes preparing the deceased, Janazah prayers and burial the Islamic way.

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We deliver a range of educational programmes including courses, seminars and weekly classes for children & adults.

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We provide a range of weekly activities, including self defence, football and youth club for boys and girls.

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Our foodbank is open to the public every Friday from 4pm-6pm, everyone is welcome. If would like to support us then please get in touch to find out more.

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School Visits

We host educational visits for schools and local community groups which includes a guided tour of the mosque, a presentation and a Q&A session.

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